Spotlight Project – City Centre Construction Site

At Groundworks, we pride ourselves on providing a flexible and reliable service that delivers optimum results in difficult scenarios. Construction sites can cause a headache for even the most organised of commercial businesses – resulting in an increase of man hours and loss of profit amidst the chaos. A recent project at a Turbot Street construction site was able to showcase the value Groundworks can provide to our commercial clients.

Groundworks were initially engaged in an effort to alleviate the delivery troubles associated with the problematic site. The task was to fill a large planter box within the confines of a permanent structure. Numerous site factors meant that heavy machine use or craning of bags was not possible. Our contractor, a popular Brisbane landscaper, was able to extend their capabilities through appointment of our services.

Groundworks were able to make light work of this difficult access job by employing our complete project management capabilities in conjunction with our innovative Blower Truck technology. We were able to park the truck on the side of the road, extending our flexible hose directly to the area of application. We were able to:

  • Apply 24m3 of Premium Organic Rapid Soil™ over 60m from the road side
  • Run the hose through the fore court of the building and down a flights of stairs
  • Ensure ZERO damage to any permanent fixtures of the building or construction site
  • Navigate through and around obstacles throughout the construction site
  • Interact seamlessly with other trades and contractors onsite
  • Liaise with site manager to oversee foot traffic to ensure a safe path for commuters
  • Be flexible within short time frames and construction deadlines

Our capacity to complete works unsupervised allowed a hassle-free application for everyone onsite. Groundworks are confident that our commercial client was able to eliminate unnecessary expenditure and increase onsite efficiency over what would have been an otherwise arduous process. In this instance, our Rapid Soil™ was able to deliver a suitable platform for an ongoing sustainable landscape.

Groundworks has the ability to lay the foundation for a collaborative natural space that compliments busy city business centres.We believe that site limitations should not be a curb to creating a healthy environment to work or relax. Our Blower Truck technology allows us to apply product over 15 floors above or below ground – tailoring the course as requested by the client.

Groundworks Rapid Soil™ and Rapid Mulch®™ are ideal services for these complicated jobs such as residential blocks, malls, arcades and roof-top gardens.

Please do not hesitate to contact Groundworks for an obligation-free discussion about how our capabilities can cater to your project needs (07) 3715 6177.