Spotlight Project – Beautifying Robelle Domain


At Groundworks, we love investing in relationships that help build fantastic environments for the people of Queensland. Over the last 3-4 years Ipswich City Council have engaged Groundworks on a continual basis to beautify various public spaces. A stand-out project has been the transformation and maintenance of Robelle Domain.

As a prominent parkland, Robelle Domain is a high priority for maintenance year-round. Throughout this time, Groundworks have undertaken ongoing mulching works to areas within the parklands. A major factor of Groundworks engagement is the ability to relieve the pain-points associated with delivering, moving and applying bulk groundcover.

Park management ensues a variety of obligations and responsibilities that take often precedence over mulching. Groundworks complete project management capabilities mean that we can coordinate mulching activities from initiation through to execution. This takes the pressure off park curators, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of the space.

Another concern with large parklands is locations that are hard-to-access from the road. For regular landscapers, delivering product would be a monotonous process to move from site of delivery to application site. This process can also cause damage to the parklands by using heavy machinery to shift the product. Staffing restraints prohibit the execution of this traditional application in a timely manner. This means that large projects can take multiple weeks, drastically increasing man hours.

Groundworks Blower Truck technology means that product can be blown up to 300m from the truck to the application site. In this case, our longest blow was 220m – makingmulching easy, flexible and hassle-free.

A prime example of Groundworks engagement was the September 5th Grand Opening of the parklands lagoon. Groundworks were able to work within a tight timeframe to complete beautification of the adjacent area.

We are able to provide:

  • Hassle-free INSTANT application of groundcover
  • One purchase order
  • A highly responsive, reliable & flexible service
  • Access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Consistency of supply
  • All-weather installation



  • Reduction in herbicide application and weed germination
  • Maintaining beautiful appearancethroughout the park
  • Contribution to a safe and attractive space for the community to enjoy
  • Extremely low-maintenance products
  • Cost advantages

The ongoing Robelle Domain project is a showcase of a solid relationship between government body and contractor. This trusted relationship yields fantastic environmental outcomes for the Council and community and is continuously appreciated by the citizens of Ipswich. Groundworks are proud to help maintain this flagship facility for the people of Ipswich.



Groundworks has the ability to develop and coordinate annual maintenance programs maintenance programs correlating to specific sites. The program achieves huge cost advantages when applied long-term. Please call Simon on 0410 592 524 for an obligation-free discussion about how Groundworks can assist your council.