What is softfall? 

Softfall material is placed underneath playground equipment.  Softfall is designed to absorb the impact of falls, especially in playgrounds.  A thick layer of softfall playground surface is placed on the completed level surface in the playground or other area.  Softfall can be made from a number of different materials including synthetic grass, rubber in either foam or wetpour variety and woodchips formulated specifically for softfall application.  Softfall reduces the risk of injuries by absorbing the shock on the body parts, particularly legs, arms, backs and heads.  When a child hits the ground without Softfall, the impact can break bones causing weeks in a plaster cast.   Possible long-term injuries can occur when a child falls and hits their head on the hard ground or worse still concrete.  However, if they hit their head on a softfall surface, there is less risk of being harmed.  This is the reason many Councils require the use of softfall material in all playgrounds and other places where there is a risk of injury from falls.  


What are the uses of softfall? 

All kids just love playgrounds.  The swings, the slides, the climbing frames and the ziplines.  Unfortunately, those very pieces of equipment can cause falls leading to injuries.  No one likes to take their kids to the park and come home with a broken arm.  Not only is softfall good for public parks and playgrounds, but also for your home adventure playground.  Another use for softfall material is in childcare centres where any number of small children are playing and injuries can occur.  Softfall material will reduce the likelihood of injuries.  Softfall Brisbane can install in Aged care facilities which are another place where softfall surfaces are used.  Elderly people are at greater risk of falling and their injuries can be greater.  It is no secret that elderly suffer from broken hips and other bones which can be devastating to their quality of life.  Softfall is also used on athletics tracks where the low impact surface is better for athletes.  Groundworks can supply softfall in a wide variety of colours making it beautiful as well as functional.


How long does softfall surfaces last?

Softfall is hard wearing.  Softfall is designed to take the hard knocks and is designed to last a long time.  The length of time a material lasts is dependent on many factors.  These include the volume of traffic, weather damage, the volume of recurrent use patches, installation,  and the climate. Softfall needs to be checked for areas where the softfall might need maintenance, especially at the edges where rain can degrade the surrounding ground and undermine the solid softfall material.  In the case of loose Softfall, such as specially designed mulch, it should be regularly checked to ensure the coverage is even.  Sometimes the loose softfall mulch will compact at impact sites from use and move into mounds.  The mulch needs to be smoothed out.  Softfall mulch will not likely last as long as rubber materials.  When it comes to Softfall Playgrounds, Groundworks are available for all your softfall needs.  In childcare centres and aged care facilities, it is necessary to check that tree roots are not encroaching into the softfall.  One of the key factors in the longevity of softfall installation is the expertise of the installers.  It always pays to get experienced softfall installers.