EcoBlanket is Groundworks’ world-first erosion control, revegetation and rehabilitation solution. As a sophisticated organics blanket, EcoBlanket is over 99% erosion and sediment control guaranteed. EcoBlanket’s award-winning success is due to its customisable components – tailored per better for premium results. Achieve instant, sustainable results with EcoBlanket – an innovative process that outperforms other methods. Minimal site preparation and the fast, one-step application deliver the hard work for you.
Topdressing for sporting fields is also available and follows the EcoBlanket process. Customisable seed blends allow for optimum rehabilitation, improving long-term endurance for treated fields.

  • Rapid, scientifically proven land rehabilitation
  • Outstanding environmental audit results
  • 100% recycled organics and native seed blends
  • Carbon sequestration benefits
  • More than 99% erosion and sediment control
  • Low-to-no maintenance
  • Tailored, all terrain services
  • Guaranteed results and return on investment

“By using EcoBlanket instead of traditional planting methods, RPS has effectively controlled erosion and sediment movement on a high profile, technically difficult and environmentally fragile site. Within months of application, thousands of healthy native trees and shrubs were flourishing on the steep batters adjacent to the Centenary Freeway. The lack of a single environmental non-conformance is the most poignant indicator of the success of RPS’s remediation and rehabilitation program of works on the Legacy Way project.

The EcoBlanket process has been refined and researched to such a degree that results are reproducible in many different circumstances. The product is delivered via a low impact pneumatic blower in a simple, one-step solution that amends the substrate, replaces the top soil horizons, provides essential nutrients and growing media as well as cover crop and native seed. The unique delivery system, strict site research procedures and lack of a requirement for follow up maintenance means that EcoBlanket can be used as an inventive solution to an enormous amount of sites that range from being difficult to nearly impossible.

As consultants involved in rehabilitation projects, RPS can see the use of EcoBlanket on a large scale for remediating mine or other industrial sites. Part of the process may include an undertaking by the parent company to collect seeds from endemic natives before the land is cleared and to provide an onsite facility to convert the felled vegetation into compost for later use. EcoBlanket could be used at different stages in the mining process. Initially, it can be used on newly cleared sites to control sediment movement and erosion. As each stage of a mine site is depleted and closed down, the area can be rehabilitated by using the collected seed and compost from the cleared areas to regenerate bush land and reduce the visual impacts.”


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