Bulk Delivery

Groundworks has a large capacity to deliver bulk landscaping product. Our fleet of Blower Trucks mean that we SUPPLY, DELIVER and APPLY all in the one step at one set price. Eliminate the hassle, mess and damage involved in have landscaping product dumped on your lawn or on site – choose Groundworks.

  • Quality Rapid Mulch®™, Softfall & Rapid Soil™ INSTANTLY applied @ ONE SET PRICE
  • One purchase order
  • Top-ups and dig-outs available
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Ease of access – flexible service
  • ZERO effort, ZERO mess, ZERO damage
  • Complete project management
  • HUGE cost savings when compared to traditional methods

“We’ve used Groundworks twice now for the mulching of our garden. We have a large garden, that’s why we thought the Groundworks product would be a good fit. It gives us a speedy application and the product is suited to our slopey landscape because it adheres to the land – which is why we chose the product. Groundworks has always been very professional, very courteous, very punctual, and very exact in their application. They’ve always cleaned up before they’ve left which we’ve been very happy about. The quality of the job is always of very high standard.

We’ve been dealing with Simon and the crew for three of four years now and always had a very good relationship with the company. We’ve found Groundworks products to be very low maintenance, eliminate weeds and keep our garden under control year-round – that’s why we apply it. The whole point of us mulching is not only to make our garden look pretty but also weed management, and because it’s such a large garden we need something that works because we don’t have the time to maintain it ourselves; that’s really the guts of why we do it.

Groundworks is great value for money. We’ve done the comparisons between Groundworks and other mulching options. Previously we have had the mulch dumped and labourers move it around and for us, Groundworks is a far more convenient and cost effective solution. With other methods like manual labour there is not guarantee on how long it will take and there’s also no guarantee of depth of product – it’s all a bit haphazard. Groundworks are able to tell us exactly how long it will take and the depths of each area, and that’s exactly what we get. The guarantee is what we like.”

Nicole McPherson – Homeowner

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