Spotlight Project – Yeppen EcoBlanket

Every new EcoBlanket welcomes new challenges and opportunity for improvement. The current works at Yeppen South for John Holland have proven Groundworks’ flexibility and expertise amidst large-scale civil projects.

From commencement, Groundworks collaborated with the specifier to direct the appropriate cutting of batters and preparation for application. The Bruce Highway upgrade specified Groundworks’ EcoBlanket Plus, Australia’s first organics blanket. The solution was identified as the best choice over other rehabilitation and revegetation techniques, such as hydromulching and other generic organics blankets. As a sophisticated organics blanket, EcoBlanket’s more than 99% erosion and sediment control guarantee resists the threat of flood damage in the typically flood-ravaged area. As a one-step process, the specified product quickly established to the batter. The EcoBlanket currently pioneers the deliberate slopes of the construction, defying the surrounding flood plains.

Since initiation of the project, Groundworks have gone on to lay down a further 33,000m2 EcoBlanket throughout 3 stages of the project. Groundworks commitment to flexibility allowed the adjustment of services to fit within time constraints of the large-scale development.

Groundworks are committed to a sustainable Australia. Building trusted relationships with Government and Civil bodies is a priority as we endeavour to rehabilitate and revegetate Queensland. The Yeppen project is testament to our complete project management capabilities, as well as our seamless integration with civil projects. Stay tuned for the results.


• Rapid, scientifically proven land rehabilitation
• Outstanding environmental audit results
• 100% recycled organics and native seed blends
• Carbon sequestration benefits
• More than 99% erosion and sediment control
• Low-to-no maintenance
• Tailored, all terrain services
• Guaranteed results and return on investment

EcoBlanket has been used for two decades in the United States and more than seven years in Australia. It is held as best practice by many local government bodies. With the introduction of EcoBlanket to the Australian market, through the exclusive licence holder Groundworks, it has been refined to suit the unique conditions in Australia.