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Rapid, cost effective application of landscaping products

We leverage leading technology and environmental expertise to provide rapid, cost effective application of landscaping products and EcoBlanket. Our innovative Blower Trucks enable us to apply bulk landscaping products in less than a couple of hours.

Did you know we also blow Aggregate? Enquire to find out more.

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Our Products

Rapid Soil®

Groundworks Premium Organic Soil is a premium soil blend, rich in organics and perfect for boosting garden health and promoting plant growth. It is designed specifically for RAPID application.

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Rapid Mulch®

A wide range of dynamic Rapid Mulch® products are available. Groundworks works closely with suppliers to develop the highest quality mulches on the market. All Rapid Mulch® products are thoroughly screened to ensure complete organic material. Our Rapid Mulch® range is designed for RAPID application. We offer mulches in a range of aesthetic finishes to suit your project. If you have a mulch in mind that’s not listed on our website, please enquire.

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Playground Softfall

Softfall Plus is our range of premium playground groundcover. The range is suitable for use in all playgrounds. Unlike other alternatives, our thorough screening assures our Softfall Plus is rubbish free and CHEMICAL FREE. Our Softfall Plus range is designed for INSTANT application.

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EcoBlanket® is Groundworks’ globally-recognised revegetation solution. A sophisticated organics blanket offering the market’s least expensive whole-of-life solution for erosion control and revegetation. EcoBlanket® is INSTANTLY applied in a ONE-STEP process. Visit the EcoBlanket® website.

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