5 Reasons to Mulch forSummer

Do you want a beautiful, fresh and fragrant garden ready for the Summer months? Now is the time to enhance your garden’s health and set some good foundations for the year to come. Transform your garden for the Festive Season!

Did you know?

1. Mulching adds value to property

In beautiful, sunny Queensland, property buyers seek well-maintained, beautiful gardens. A serene garden in your yard, down the side-path, or by your driveway can lay a beautiful backdrop for your property.  Mulch adds to the clean, vibrant, tropical vibe and has the power to influence the buyers’ decision. Mulch also has a forest, fresh fragrance – ideal for property viewings. Read more about increasing property value with mulch here.

2. Mulch protects soil under tough Queensland conditions

The weather conditions in Queensland can demolish previously fertile soils. Mulching provides a functional, protective layer. Some products promote excellent drainage in order to maintain garden health all year round. Mulch can also combat opposing conditions such as extremely high temperatures. The product traps moisture in the garden, serving as a protective, insulated layer for the root zone.

3. Mulch is a must for Optimum garden health

In addition to providing great drainage, mulch also assists weed prevention, moisture and temperature control. It offers a natural organic layer, present in rainforests, which supplies natural, slow-release fertiliser. Mulch is a sanctuary for plant-friendly insects and micro-organisms, promoting plant and garden health.

4. Mulch Assists Water Conservation

Mulch can reduce watering by over 50%. This is because it keeps soil temperature constant whilst preventing weed seed germination. This creates a garden structure with better water management.

5. Groundworks Rapid Mulch®™ is super Low-Maintenance

Rapid Mulch®™ is a groundcover range that requires minimal to no maintenance. The matrix of the mulch allows it to be flexible, yet sustain its blanket-like functionality. This means it is less likely to blow or wash away.

Groundworks has collaborated with advisors and suppliers to help create a range of rich, quality mulches that also look fantastic. Our blends are designed for optimum irrigation, soil health, ease of application, look and feel. Groundworks only works with Local Suppliers to provide our Rapid Mulch®™ range.

Why Rapid Mulch®™?

Groundworks Rapid Mulch®™ is INSTANT. Compared with traditional methods, Groundworks Blower Truck technology can help clients save thousands of dollars and reduce man hours by over 50%.

Don’t spend all weekend breaking a sweat in the midday sun… Mulch your garden, HANDS FREE

All of Groundworks products are delivered via our state-of-the-art blower trucks. This innovative technology allows us to accurately provide groundcover to thousands of metres in a single day, without the difficulties of marshalling dozens of workers. Hose lengths up to 200m allows access to hard-to-reach areas.Watch how we work.


  • Rapid Mulch®™, Softfall, Rapid Soil™ &EcoBlanket
  • INSTANTLY applied @ one set price
  • ZERO effort mulching
  • Increase property value + BOOST garden health
  • Save thousands of dollars & man hours
  • Hassle-free installation – Ease of access
  • Fresh Forest Fragrance
  • Quality Product
  • Chemical free
  • Low maintenance
  • ZERO effort, ZERO damage & ZERO mess guaranteed