Does your garden need a re-fresh for the winter months?
Spring is usually known as the typical season for mulching your garden, however mulching leading into winter has massive benefits. A fresh layer of mulch during winter will prevent weed growth and erosion, make maintenance easy and reduce the need for herbicide application in summer.

Here are some benefits of mulching your garden for Winter:

  1. Mulching creates an insulating barrier between the soil and the air regulating ground temperature – this ensures the effects of the cold do not stress the plants too much. The insulating barrier contribute to soil health and plant growth.
  2. Moisture retention reduces the need for irrigation and over use of water.
  3. Consolidates moisture in the ground from the summer months where winter root growth encourages health in to the following summer months
  4. Prevents weeds and erosion within your garden
  5. Breakdown of mulch provides essential nitrogen introduction to the soil profile

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