Can topsoil be blown in? 

When a home or business owner thinks of putting new soil or mulch in their gardens or preparing the ground for turf, they usually envisage truckloads of soil, bobcats and wheelbarrows.  However, there is a better way, especially for tricky terrain, hard to reach places and large jobs, that is to use soil pumping.  Using Softfall & Rapid Soil™ technology, Groundworks can, quite literally, blow your soil into the exact spot you need it.  No wheelbarrows, no shovels and no sore back.  Simply show the experienced team where you want your soil and they do the rest.  One of the main advantages of blown in. soil is the preciseness of delivery, whether it’s a garden top up or a dig out and fill up, soil blowing works well.  And there’s no clean up afterwards.   

Once your gardens are planted, the Quality Rapid Mulch®™ uses special blower trucks for mulch blowing into your entire garden area.  Mulch can also be applied to existing gardens, especially on slopes and amongst plants you don’t want damaged.  One of the big advantages of using a blow in system is it can cover large commercial areas such as schools, public gardens, commercial environments and rooftop gardens very easily.


How much does a load of top soil cost? 

Not all soils are created equal.  When it comes to landscaping materials, it’s pretty much a case of you get what you pay for.  A low-cost soil will likely be lacking in nutrients and possibly hydrophobic (doesn’t absorb water).  A premium soil will be organic with plenty of nutrients without being too alkaline or acidic and will be friable (easily turns to a powder when rubbed between fingers).  

On average base grade garden soil from your local general landscaping yard will be around $55 m3.  Premium high-quality organic soil is around $75 m3.  Our soil is a grade higher, a super premium soil that your plants will thrive in. Our soil is nutrient dense. You can choose to do soil pumping and save your back and the cost of a bob-cat or workers to spread the soil.  


How do I calculate how much topsoil I need? 

To calculate the amount of soil you will need for soil pumping you can do it one of two ways; calculate it yourself or use one of the numerous cubic meter calculators available online.  If you want to calculate it yourself,  the calculation for cubic meterage (m3) is quite simple:

Length X Width X Depth.  If you have a garden that is 11 meters long by 1.5 metres wide and you want the soil 0.25 metres deep the calculation is 11 X 1.5 X .25 = 4.125m3.  You will require 4m3 of soil for soil blowing into your garden beds.